Over the weekend my wife and I received the COVID-19 vaccine through Bothwell Regional Health Center. Our experience was quick, easy, and exceeded our expectations.

Bothwell Regional Health Center's COVID-19 vaccine clinics are being held in at MO-AG Theatre on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. A couple of things to know before you go:

First, no walk ins. If you wish to receive the vaccine through Bothwell Regional Health you need to preregister here. They will call you to schedule an appointment.

Second, you'll want to enter at the 16th Street gate. Parking is generally in front of the MO-AG Theatre. And when leaving, you'll continue to go through the fairgrounds and you'll exit through gate 11 (across from our radio stations.)

Third, they're asking folks to stick around for about fifteen minutes after receiving the vaccine to make sure you don't experience any major side effects.

Bothwell Regional Health Center makes the entire vaccine process easy. I was amazed at how well staffed the event is. From the time you park, through the time you leave, there are staff members who will help walk you through the entire process. From filling out paperwork. To explaining what the potential side effects of the vaccine are. To making sure you're OK after receiving the vaccine. There's never a time where I was confused about what would come next.

Additionally, everyone was super personable and friendly. And that's a bonus. We've all attended events where organizers are trying to move many people through as efficiently as possible. And, let's just say, sometimes the stress of that makes the staff of the event cranky. That couldn't be further from our experience.

Finally, they didn't over schedule the event. During our time there they were actually running early. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of people working through the process of getting vaccinated. But we never felt like we were waiting in lines. And we moved through the process quickly. The most waiting we did was hanging around after being vaccinated to make sure there wasn't any side effects from the vaccine.

Kudos to Bothwell Regional Health Center for a well run clinic. And a big thank you to everyone working it. It truly exceeded our expectations for a quick, well run, experience.

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