Some of you may have been familiar with the abandoned resort near Branson known as Indian Ridge. It had been abandoned for quite some time.  I wrote an article about it a long time ago, and it was eerily fascinating.  You can read my article HERE.  You will be able to see pictures of the resort that never came to be.  The idea was this resort was to have condos, golf course, hotel, water park and plenty of shopping.

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The resort was near the Silver Dollar City exit on Missouri HWY 76 near Branson.  The resort is now destroyed, and it has been purchased by Silver Dollar City.  It is about 800 acres of land near Table Rock Lake.  For many people who have driven by, or who live or worked around the area, the question that seemed to be asked was "What will be done with the property?"

”We confirm we will be knocking down these townhomes, which are not only an eyesore but a safety hazard,” said Silver Dollar City publicity director Lisa Rau. “We have no further announcement on how this property will be used in the future.”

There are a fair amount of businesses in the Branson West area, that are optimistic that if Silver Dollar City can build this out in a positive way, it will increase their business.  The owner of the Shady Acre Inn and Suites, Veloris Junemans, is excited.  She told KY3, "Most of our business comes from Silver Dollar City, people visiting there. I’m excited to see the way it can impact restaurants, the other hotels, and other businesses possibly looking at coming into our area.“

You can read more HERE. The link will also have a video to give more background on how people are reacting, and the bulldozing of the abandoned resort.  Ultimately, if what happens in the expansion of Silver Dollar City, and it brings more people to the area, it may be a win-win for everyone.

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