You would think that giving up your morning coffee/caffeinated drink would make you harder to deal with on a daily basis but that may not be the case.

Most mornings you count on that caffeine to give you a morning buzz but actually, the effect could actually be anxiety. Maybe even a little nervousness, increase of your heart rate, or possibly a panicky feeling.

According to WebMD, here's what you could experience if you drop the coffee/caffeine:

  • Better Sleep  Caffeine helps to keep you alert so cutting it out of your daily regimen could help you to sleep better
  • Less Bathroom Breaks  Coffee definitely causes you to make more trips to the potty. Cutting back will diminish those trips.
  • Increased Nutrient Absorption  If you take large amounts of caffeine it defers the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Stronger, Prettier Pearly Whites  Most drinks with caffeine, i.e., coffee, tea, and soda, are the culprits of staining your teeth. The reason is the acidity and the color.


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