There's been an influx of restaurants over the last few years, but is there one that hasn't yet come to Sedalia that you'd love to have in the State Fair City?

Buffalo Wild Wings finally landed, Jerry McGuires and Main Street Cafe are now open, and of course, we aren't happy. That's right we're not happy. We, as Sedalians, never seem to be happy with the new local flair or the national chains that settle into our community. There's always that "one" eating establishment that we feel would make all the difference in the world if it would just open somewhere in or around Sedalia, proper.

Of course, we've got the pizza joints, the drive-thru's, the sit downs, the walk-ups, and everything else in between but we're just not happy. Pizza, BBQ, Chicken, Steaks, seafood, Mexican...the list goes on and on. So, what are we missing?

What restaurant would fill that void? What would make you happy? What one eating establishment would make you feel that Sedalia has finally arrived in to the 21st century?


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