The 2013 concert season is already shaping up to be a good one for Missouri.  Between the reunion tours, hot new artists and everyone in between, it seems that more and more artists want to book a show in the the Show-Me State.  Unfortunately for us here in Sedalia/Warrensburg, those shows don't often come right to our backyard like they do in St. Louis or Kansas City.  That means road-tripping for shows.

So, what cities are you willing to travel to for a good concert?  Are you willing to make the trek across Missouri to St. Louis to see your favorite artist?  Do you prefer to catch the local acts and smaller bands that come through town?  Maybe you like to hop over to UCM when they bring artists to the performing arts center.  Maybe you Mizzou alumni (like myself) enjoy popping over to Columbia for the occasional concert.

Tell us where you like to go for concerts by taking our poll.  You can pick as many cities as you want, or add your own if you'd like.  Maybe we can start getting our hands on some more concert tickets in your favorite parts of the state!