It might have been easier to ask the question "are there any bad donut places in Sedalia?" Because I'd be inclined to say you'd have to look pretty hard to find a bad donut in town.

You'd probably have to go to some seedy gas station and pick one that's a couple of days old, right? The harder question is Who has the best donuts in Sedalia? Here's what you told us.

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I posed the question as my "Question of the Day" on my show Wednesday. There was one definitive answer too.

The best donuts in Sedalia can be found at Papa Jakes according to you. When the question was posed on Facebook, Papa Jakes won decisively with 60% of the vote. Followed by Best Donuts with 30% of the vote. Yummy's of Warrensburg received the other 10% of the vote.

So how did a Warrensburg donut joint make the list? I asked specifically who has the best donuts in Sedalia or Warrensburg. So Warrensburg donut shops counted in the votes too. You told us definitively what your favorite donut shop is, but what are the Yelp reviews saying?

Yelp rates Papa Jake's as a five-star donut shop, and here's what people are saying about it:

Awesome homemade donuts! Papa Jake's has been around since I was a kid and while ownership may have changed hands the donuts are just as good as back then. Awesome service also! - Jason K. 

Great Friends often bring these pastries all the way from Sedalia Missouri to Lenexa Kansas. Taste great doesn't begin to describe how good they are. - CB 

Open every day except Monday, these guys apparently the making donuts for a very very long time. Nothing weird or froufrou here, but an excellent selection of cake and raised, glazed and frosted, and some great filled donuts, too (even though they're not usually my thing.) I was happy to see that they even have maple glaze! -Melanie H. 

Incredible donuts!  Both "cake" donuts (my favorites) and yeast donuts are served are both are excellent!  Try a cinnamon roll or a bear claw for a change of pace on yeast-style donuts.  Be certain to try a white cake donut with vanilla icing and white coconut sprinkles.  Incredible! It's all good and considering the quality the prices are excellent. -Sam J.

Yelp reviews also give Best Donuts five stars, and here's what they're saying about it:

That's right the best donuts are super fresh always ready great selection and the best customer service! @service fast  Drive-through, best blueberry muffins. Excellent cinnamon rolls. - Edmen M.

Went through the drive-through & received fast service and the donut quality was amazing! It was also cheaper than I had expected, which is always a plus !! - Abby Q.

I was passing through Sedalia from Kansas City and was impressed by this shop. Donut was light and fluffy, the iced americano had a good flavor, and friendly staff.- Benjamin M.

When it comes to summing up Sedalia's donut situation, I'll leave you with a quote from Tim M. that he wrote while reviewing Best Donuts. "Some towns have a single good place to go to... we however are blessed with many. " I couldn't have said it better myself.

Not that you asked, but I myself like glazed and chocolate-frosted donuts the best. From either place, we buy both kids for the office.

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