The idea of paying a property tax on a vehicle that you own really gets under the skin of most. You already paid a tax when you bought the vehicle, (Sales Tax) plus you pay a tax every time you fill that vehicle up with gas. (Gas Tax) So if the property tax was eliminated, would it help Missourians? According to Missouri State Senator Bill Eigel from St. Charles County, he wants it to go away.

According to an article from, the senator will push the bill when lawmakers go back to session in Jefferson City on January 8.

According to Eigel:

“We don’t even see that money at the state level but it goes currently to local governments,” Eigel said. “This is a tax not a lot of states levy and the best way we can address helping the middle-class households is to push back on that and move away from that tax.”

Eigel hopes that the local governments will see it as a stimulus program to help the middle-class vehicle owners in the state.

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