There are people who never miss breakfast, and there are people that never eat breakfast. And there are also people that try crazy food challenges for breakfast! Have you ever heard of the "Winkinator" in Warrensburg?

The Winkinator Challenge was at Mary Jane's Cafe on S. Maguire Street: "It consisted of a large pizza-sized pancake, a dozen eggs, a dozen pieces of bacon, eight pieces of sausage and two large glasses of chocolate milk. The contestant had an hour to complete it."

One of the successful attempts came from Randy Santel, a "professional eater" from St. Louis, who made a trip to Warrensburg to conquer the Winkinator in 2010. He documented his adventure on YouTube. According to his YouTube biography, Santel has wins in 47 states and 20 countries on various food challenges.

We also saw a YouTube video from user koolkat81991, which shows a contestant named Nick that did not have as much luck with the challenge. He shouldn't feel too bad about not succeeding. "We ran the challenge for about three years and in that time we had around 400 attempts and only five completions, one being a woman," said Mary Jane's Cafe, which adds that the Winkinator is no longer on the menu.

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