One of the rides or activities that you could have been a part of at this year's Missouri State Fair was that giant Super Slide.  Well if the Fair wants to increase the buzz for next year, they may want to bring a slide that is like the one in Detroit Michigan known as the Belle Isle Park Death Giant Slide.  It went viral recently, but for the wrong reason.

In the embedded tweet above you can see this slide, and why it went viral recently.  This is a metal slide that only cost $1 to ride and it has been there since 1967.  It closed for a short time in 2020 (probably COVID/Pandemic related) and it just reopened with a fresh coat of wax.

Perhaps there was a bit too much wax.  As you can see, there are 4 big bumps that you go over and children and adults have taken the ride.  Perhaps risking their health in the process.

The riders were going down at some pretty impressive speeds, and truthfully, I am amazed that no one was seriously hurt.  It does look like a lot of fun, but I would like to ride a slide without having to wear a helmet.

The proper way to ride this giant slide can be seen HERE.  If you like an adrenaline rush with your giant slide then this may be for you.  The Slide has been reopened, and Belle Isle Park has issued this statement:

"Hello Giant Slide Riders.
We have started to spray a little water on the slide to help control the speed, so please come out and give it another try.
We plan to run it for the next 2 weeks , Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 3pm.
Just $1 for a ride!.
Must be 48" or taller.
Please follow directions given by the operator , remember to lean forward.
Have a great time and we'll see you on the Giant Slide!"
Would you take a chance and ride this Giant Slide?  Share your thoughts.
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