This holiday season, I think a fair amount of people are looking for unique gifts for their loved ones. 

Perhaps something that may not cost as much money as something brand new.  If any of you would like to find something that will fill you full of nostalgia, and perhaps relive your youth, downtown Sedalia has a shop for you!

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I was with my girlfriend Saturday and she wanted to go shopping.  I am embarrassed to admit that I have now lived here more than a year, and had no idea that this store existed.  It is Nostalgia Vintage Apparel and Market.  They are located at 515 South Ohio in downtown Sedalia, and this place was so wonderful to walk through.

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This place had 4 floors of items that you can walk through.  Yes, 4 floors.  A basement, the main floor and two more about that.  There are vendor "Booths" that are on the first 3 floors that have items that almost all are on consignment.  I overheard that the waiting list to secure a booth at this place is almost 8 months.  (I hope I heard that right).  I saw antiques, clothing, old and classic books.  There was even a classic jukebox and a phone booth with a payphone in the middle of the store.

This place just filled me full of nostalgia and the event above you should mark on your calendar, because you could certainly find some great stocking stuffers and maybe a few articles of clothing that you just don't see anymore.  I bet the treats that will be served will be delicious too. They will be open Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Check out the gallery I put together below to get an idea of just some of the items you can purchase.  Plenty of Christmas stuff, some "fall" or Thanksgiving stuff, and lots of clothing options, mostly for the ladies.  Visit their Facebook page HERE.  Happy Holiday shopping.

Nostalgia Vintage Apparel And Market

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