Ever during the colder months, for many people, nothing beats a cold draft beer.  I know a few family members of mine actually have kegs in their man caves and their bars.  With Christmas time coming, perhaps you have been thinking about getting a Christmas tree? If you have, and it is a smaller one, Miller Lite want to turn your tree into a bartender.

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Miller Lite will be selling something they are calling a "Tree Keg Stand".  They will go on sale this Thursday at 9am and there will only be a limited supply, so if it peaks your interest, be prepared.

The cost will be $50. It will turn your tree into a beer serving station.  It may say Miller Lite on the outside, but I suspect any keg will work, since we are in the state of Budweiser.

It is basically a metal table that you can fit a keg and an ice bucket under. It will have holes on the top so you can feed the tap through and clip it to a branch on your Christmas tree.  The top is about three feet off the ground, and your tree will sit on that.  If you your tree is 5 feet tall or shorter and less than 150lbs you should be good. The website link is TreeKegStand.com so good luck if you want to buy one.


By the way, you can also buy "Beeraments" again this year.  They are oversized ornaments you can slip a beer into and drink out of.  Check the website at 9am on Tuesday if you are interested in these, and you can get more info HERE about the keg stand and ornaments.  Merry Christmas!

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