People eat bizarre things. Just watch the Travel Channel, which has run features on all sorts of weird food items, like cobra wine, fish eyes and cooked bat. Most times, the foods we find really off-the-wall are prepared in foreign countries, but here's one popular in certain areas of the United States. The brain sandwich.

Alton Brown from the Food Network featured the brain sandwich on a season two episode of 'Feasting on Asphalt.' According to Brown, modern-day brain sandwiches are usually made from pork brains, though in the past they were made by frying beef brains. Concerns about Mad Cow Disease led to the switch. By the way, Brown didn't like it very much.

Doing a quick Google search for "brain sandwich" reveals that they were once a popular item in St. Louis, though they've pretty much fallen out of fashion in our region. Still, brain sandwiches are still being served in parts of the Ohio Valley.

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