J.C. Myers Construction, Inc., was awarded a contract Monday night for construction of a roundabout to be located at Business Highway 13 and Hawthone Blvd, in Warrensburg.

J.C. Myers was the lowest bidder at $1.1 million, according to Warrensburg Public Works Director Marvin Coleman.

Coleman explained to Council that the City originally requested bids on the project last April, but all of them came back over budget. The project was re-bid recently and four bids were received and opened on Feb. 4. Two were "non-responsive" and the lowest "most responsible" bidder was J.C. Myers at $1,173,843.75.

The project is funded through the Hawthorne TDD up to $1,000,000, and remaining General Obligation Bond funds will be used to fund the additional costs.

It is hoped that the project will improve traffic safety at a very congested intersection, calm traffic flow and help promote economic development in the area.

A completion date of Aug. 4 has been established.

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