Someone noticed a new sign pop up in the field adjacent to the old Woods Supermarket on South Maguire in Warrensburg. So does this mean KFC is coming back to Warrensburg?

The sign is in KFC's colors red and white and has a picture that looks like Colonel Sanders on it. If you're driving by it and not paying the sign any attention it looks like the kind of sign announcing a new Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yet if you do a double take and look at what the sign says, you might not be so quick to cheer the return of KFC to Warrensburg.

Rob Creighton/Townsquare Media
Rob Creighton/Townsquare Media

The wording on the sign says "Coming Soon! Factory Outlet Store" and underneath that says "All the Chicken 1/2 the Price." Yeah, I don't know about you, but those words don't lead me to believe that there's a KFC coming soon, or that there's some factory outlet store coming soon either. Plus, the only way I think you can actually get all the chicken for half the price is when the Tyson plant does one of those big huge bulk sales.

Most likely it's someone who printed up the sign and is just having some fun. After all, in Warrensburg, the obsession is with KFC, which closed several years ago making way for a new Chipotle restaurant. Much like anytime anyone asks about what new business is going into a place in Sedalia, it leads to cracks about Olive Garden and Target.

I reached out via email to see what Kentucky Fried Chicken thinks about the sign and whether it has anything to do with KFC opening a store in Warrensburg. The Colonel says they'll get back to me. Yet, I suspect my due diligence won't warrant a response, and if it does it probably won't be the news some of us would like to hear.

Of course, you can get chicken at a few places in Warrensburg. It's available at the Hy-Vee, at Country Kitchen, at Players, and I even heard Old Glory out on Highway 13. Those 11 herbs and spices though are hard to beat.

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