The website Insider Monkey recently put a list together of the five worst fast-food joints in America according to Reddit. Unfortunately, Sedalia has four of them. While Reddit may be putting these five fast-food joints on blast, what's the experience like at their Sedalia stores?

First, let me say these restaurants ranking as the worst in America isn't something I came up with. It was found on Reddit and compiled by Insider Monkey. Now, I understand why these restaurants made the list, I've had some poor experiences at most of these places. But, this is important, not necessarily in Sedalia or recently.

So here is their list, and my thoughts on it:

Del Taco Acquired By Jack In The Box For Approximately $575 Million
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#5 Del Taco

Number five on Insider Monkey's list is Del Taco. Insider Monkey didn't cite what Redditors didn't like about the chain, and I've never eaten there so I can't make an argument either way. I've included them in the article, just so Insider Monkey's list is complete. The remaining four stores on the list we DO have here in Sedalia.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

#4 KFC

Insider Monkey says many Redditors liked KFC, but just as many didn't, which is how it wound up on their list. KFC has always been one of my favorite fast-food meals, however, at some point their original recipe got way too greasy and I started looking for other places to get my fried chicken fix. I tried them again when they had their campaign out about how they were re-training staff on how to properly cook, and it was way better.

The Sedalia KFC had developed a pretty rough reputation, however, Mike, myself, and other Townsquare Sedalia employees have eaten there regularly over the last couple of years and have enjoyed the food. Sandwiches, Nuggets, Strips, and sides are all good, and the on-the-bone chicken is not overly greasy. Additionally, they've done a great job remodeling the store too.

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Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

#3 Subway

Making Reddit's list at number three is Subway, mostly because Redditors cite declining food quality and a perception that you're not getting value for your money.

Subway's always been expensive for what you get, but they seemed to be the darlings of the fast-food world for 20 years because they were everywhere, it wasn't a burger, and the food was technically healthier than you can get in other places. Between spokesperson Jared Fogle's arrest and conviction for sleeping with underage girls, Subway's foot-long sandwich's not being a foot-long, and some questionable filling in the chicken breasts, a lot of people started questioning just how good Subway is.

One thing I can say is, I don't think I've ever had bad service at a Subway. I've had to wait a bit during the lunch or dinner rush. And occasionally if I've popped into Subway late, they may have been out of meatballs or their steak and cheese, yet generally I can't say I've ever had a bad experience. The sandwiches I've gotten from The Subway on South Limit in Sedalia have always been on point.

If you don't go to Subway, I suspect it has more to do with the reasons Redditors cited vs. anything that happened locally. I still enjoy a good meatball or steak and cheese with meatball sauce and bacon.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

#2 Burger King

Number two on the Reddit list is Burger King. Why? Declining food quality is what Insider Monkey cited.

I don't like a lot of flame-grilled food, and since that's Burger King's thing, I don't go there very often. Generally, if I go to Burger King I'm getting one of their Chicken Sandwich specials or breakfast, which depending on what location I've frequented ranges from great to meh. One other thing I've noticed is most Burger Kings, even after a remodeling job just don't look that fresh.

My last time at the Sedalia Burger King wasn't a fun experience. A long wait for a disappointing old-school Burger King Chicken Sandwich. Apparently, most of the staff quit on the manager that morning and they were doing their best to fulfill the orders. Kudos for the effort, however, my chicken sandwich wasn't that good and I haven't been back.

Yum Brands Sells Long John Silver's And A&W Chain Restaurants
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#1 Long John Silvers

The worst fast-food chain of all is Long John Silvers. Redditors just think the chain is awful, while once again,  citing bad food quality.

Don't get me wrong. If the person cooking the fish or chicken at Long John Silvers doesn't do it right it can be a grease bomb. When I was working in Texas I went to the Long John Silvers in town once. I never went back because the food was too greasy and mostly I just felt really lousy after eating it.

That hasn't stopped me from eating at the Long John Silvers in Sedalia. I've popped into LJS with both Mike and my girlfriend a few times. On the three or four occasions I've eaten at LJS in Sedalia I've had excellent service, the fish and chicken have been cooked correctly and aren't greasy, and let's go back to customer service. Every time I've been there staff has been friendly and seems to go the extra mile. LJS is not the worst fast-food joint in Sedalia.

Reflecting on this list, and my fast-food experiences in West Central Missouri. I'd say I've experienced better customer service at more restaurants in Sedalia than in Warrensburg. I've also found the staff at various fast-food places in Sedalia more responsive to problems and getting the order right than fast-food restaurants in Warrensburg or closer to the city.

From a perception standpoint, if you don't like the food at one of these restaurants you'll agree with its place on this list. If you like the food, then you're probably looking more at customer service and whether or not the food you get at the drive-thru or in the lobby is hot and what you ordered. From that perspective, I wouldn't put three of the restaurants listed on my list of worst fast-food joints in Sedalia.

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