A 15-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, girl who was charged Monday with killing her parents searched for "Scary movies where kids kill parents" before the shootings in April, according to court documents.

Daejona Holmes was charged with two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of armed criminal action and with tampering with physical evidence, according to the Jackson County prosecutor's office. She has been certified to be tried as an adult in the April 9 deaths of Kinderly Holmes, 37, and Brian Starr, 38. The couple was found dead from gunshot wounds at their home.

Holmes initially told the dispatcher that a robber shot her parents but later told officers who found her at a fast food restaurant that she shot her father after he shot her mother, according to court documents.

Police said a search warrant of Holmes' phone showed the search for movies where parents are killed and rap lyrics about wanting her father dead. Detectives also found a video from Feb. 15 that showed Daejona Holmes dancing in her bedroom while holding a handgun, according to the records.

In court documents, police said Holmes told investigators that she heard her parents arguing and then heard a gunshot. She went upstairs and found her mother dead, with a handgun beside her. She reportedly told police she grabbed the gun and shot her father as he walked toward her. She said as she ran to the fast food restaurant, she threw the handgun in a neighbor's yard. She also reportedly told investigators she first said a robber killed her parents because she was scared.

Data also found Holmes made several calls in the hour before she called 911. Several of the calls were to a friend who told police he met Daejona near the fast food restaurant and persuaded her to call 911.

Prosecutors are seeking a $150,000 bond.

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