I lived in Columbia Missouri for a little over 4 years.  Overall, it was a good time.  Lots of local shops and activities, thriving theatre scene, plenty of places to see music, etc.  One of the major events that takes place every March is the True/False Film Fest.  People in Columbia LOVE this festival.  I never knew people got so obsessed with documentary films.  But people go crazy for this, and there a lot of great films to be seen.  Co-workers at my old station would take days off to be a part of this.  It is worth the trip.

Since some of you may not have ever been, or if you have, you may have an idea on what to expect.  Curious, engaged residents gather with neighbors from across the country and the globe to watch movies that help them understand their shared world a bit better.  You can sample some amazing food and drink, and meet new and interesting people.

The dates for the film festival are March 3-6th.  There will be 4 days of films from non-fiction films, to experimental, and expect music, parties, art performances, and story telling events.

Here are your venues for where you can see the films:

  • Missouri Theatre, 203 S. Ninth St.
  • The Blue Note, 17 N. Ninth St.
  • The Picturehouse, 204 S. Ninth St.
  • Rhynsburger Theatre, 505 Hitt Street.
  • Ragtag Cinema, 10 Hitt St.
  • Forrest Theater, 23 S. Eighth St.

I would be prepared to have a mask to wear in some of the venues.  For tickets and info on what films are available click HERE and you will be able to obtain all of the info you will need.  It is quite a unique experience and I encourage you to check it out.

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