I lived in Columbia for 4 years from 2014 to 2018 and one thing I enjoyed about the town is that there were a lot of activities for whatever interest you would have.  Lots of local businesses with many food options, a thriving downtown, great theaters, the University of Missouri and plenty activities for kids.  There is another place, that was not familiar with.  But if you have kids, I think this place will be worth the one hour drive and your kids will thank you.  Let me introduce you to Bonkers.

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Think of this place as a super charged Chuck E Cheese.  It strikes me as a combination of an arcade, amusement park, restaurant, party place, and a place for adventure.  You can find it all in Bonkers in Columbia.  I suppose it is fun for all ages, but it appears more geared towards younger people.  Although the "Wall Crawl" looks fun. See it below. 18 feet tall, and harness are provided.

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How about the amusement park of this place? Well the ride below is called Bonkers Bounce, and hopefully your kids do not have issues with heights just yet.  Some kids are just fearless.  This does look fun.

Similar to a Chuck E Cheese, there is an arcade with various games where you can acquire tickets and trade them in for prizes.  There is mini-bowling offered, and depending on your game playing prowess, there are games of various difficulties.

Now I am sure your kids, and perhaps the parents of the kids can work up an appetite while being there so the restaurant has you covered in that regards.  You can click HERE for a look at the menu.  According to their website, the pizza always has freshly made dough, the products are Animal Welfare Approved / Certified AWA which means they come from farms raising animals according to the highest welfare standards, requiring pasture access for all animals and high-welfare practices. The meat we serve is antibiotic free and our chicken contains no hormones. Our hot dogs contain no MSG, no artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors.

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You can purchase annual passes to Bonkers if you plan on going multiple times and you can click HERE for that info.  If you kids get a lot of tickets and save them, you may need to go back multiple times to get the prize you want.

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There always seems to be specials going on at Bonkers so make sure you take advantage of them when you can.  Click HERE for some of those that are running now.  They are located at 3812 Buttonwood Dr, Columbia, MO 65201.  Looks like fun.

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