New code enforcement procedures are being implemented in the The City of Sedalia.

According to the City's website, city crews are 'working with other City departments to further efforts to help clean up the appearance of Sedalia.'

“These works in progress, when combined with existing procedures and future ideas, will create an improved, more efficient process for helping our residents deal with trash, rubbish, tall grass and weeds and other city code violations,” said Community Development Director John Simmons during the July 17th City Council meeting.

Simmons noted a few challenges this year, such as replenishing the City’s demolition budget, chronic nuisance properties, and the need to improve the 'Pick-up On Demand' trash program.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

According to the city, there were 631 trash violations in 2015, 606 in 2016, and 349 this year (so far).

The City of Sedalia noted there were 400 letters sent in 2015, 345 in 2016, and 243 in 2017. In the case of trash violations, most are taken care of by the owner, but most grass violations are abated by the city. One of the newer methods already being implemented is the use of a door hanger to notify residents of a violation.

“In other words, if we see the violation, we immediately write the citation and tape it on the door,” said Jamie Bethel, Code Enforcement Supervisor.

“Most of the time I like to knock on the door and talk to the owner or the person living in the house because that opens communications. Our statistics show that this
method is improving citizen compliance. Additionally, this approach cuts down on the cost of sending certified letters," said Bethel.

The 'Pick-Up on Demand Service' is described as 'unique' in the State of Missouri, but has created unintended problems with city residents now reporting more visible curbside trash, citywide.

The City's website says that in the past, 'when the volume of the trash pile exceeded the yearly allowance of 4 cubic-yards per pick-up, City staff simply did not remove the debris until the resident drove to City Hall and paid for the overage. That practice has
stopped,' according to the media release. 'Now, under the “get it when you see it” policy, if it’s at the curb, it is picked up with property billed at the end of the month for any overage.'

For example, if the pick-up exceeds 4 cubic-yards, a fee of $23 per additional cubic-yard will be billed. Additional Pick-up On Demand service calls (more than 2 calls per calendar year at 4 cubic yards each) will be billed at $25 per cubic-yard.

The new “Green Sweep/Clean Sweep” program begins in mid-September. The program allows the City to work with neighborhoods to help collect yard waste and bulky items, such as sofas and chairs.

Beginning immediately, city residents will be allowed to drop-off bulky items for themselves at the city’s Materials Management Site, instead of waiting for city employees. It will be considered one of the citizen’s two 'Pick-up On Demand times,' and any additional drop-off will cost $25 per cubic-foot. The service requires proof of Sedalia residency, such as a driver’s license or water bill

“If we want to continue to bring in new businesses, manufacturers that produce jobs, it’s critical to the City of Sedalia that we keep our city clean. We can’t do this as city government alone,” Mayor Stephen Galliher said. “We need the help of the citizens too. I would ask all of our citizens to please help keep Sedalia clean.”

For more information on the code enforcement programs, call 827-3000.

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