On Tuesday, June 7, the Johnson County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant regarding neglected and abused animals and rescued 53 dogs from a puppy mill in the northwest portion of Johnson County.

The dogs range in age from a few weeks to 12 years and span a variety of breeds, including Komondors, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Pekingese, and several cross breeds.

This rescue received overwhelming assistance from Old Drum Shelter Director Kayla Frank, assistant Cassie Montgomery, Dr. Mark Means, and Joanne Means.

The dogs were removed from the residence and outdoor structures and evaluated at the scene by Dr. Means and staff before being transported to local shelters. They will receive treatment for any diagnosed illnesses at the shelters.

Also assisting agencies were Erin Mourse with Midwest Animal Rescue and Karen Thaller with Risen From the Ashes. Erin and Karen assisted with taking possession of several dogs.

The dog's owner will be facing several counts of animal abuse and neglect, which will be submitted to the Johnson County Prosecutors Office for criminal charges.

JoCo Sheriff
JoCo Sheriff

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