The 8th Annual Jake Helmig Memorial Ride was held this weekend (9/5-6) just north of Otterville.

Jake Helmig was 25-years-old and coming home from Louisiana when an accident took his young life. Of course, the family was crushed and devastated. Dale and Robin's oldest son Brad came up with the idea of creating this ride and with the help of his other brother Matt, they had only 6 months to prepare for it. They didn't know if they would have enough food or even if anyone would show up.

This past weekend was just perfect for being on a 4 wheeler, Razor or a motorcross bike. There were miles of paths that traveled the farmside, creeks and into the woods. There were watering holes and the major favorite, The Mud Pit. To me that wasn't mud it was slop. Which made for some great photo opts and plenty of laughs. But if you come to an event like this, and you leave clean. You didn't have fun and really missed out.

Robin told me that they changed the time this year on having this. They planned it for the Memorial Weekend. Turns out that might have been the smartest move yet. Over 700 people attended the event and with almost 500 bikes and 4 wheelers. It sounded like you were in a bee's hive, from all the motorcross vehichle sounds throughout the area.

This year they raised a little over $17,000. That money goes to Otterville Food Pantry, Child Safe and they have one more charity to choose.

I think this is a great way to remember someone by doing what they loved with friends and raising money for chairites.


It is not too late to make a donation. If you would like to help out here is the address:

Jake Helmig Memorial ATV Ride

1494 Butterfield Stage Rd

Otterville, MO 65348




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