Let the griping begin. The Dollar General at 3rd and Osage is going away and is getting replaced by the one on North Ohio. When I was in the store earlier today I talked to a customer there, who could have voiced an opinion held by many people who are used to walking to the old store from the homes close to that store.

While I do believe some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope, I have to agree with the elderly woman I spoke to at the store. She said, "If they think we will walk those extra blocks, they are mistaken."  Many people who were used to walking to the store will now find some of the other stores just as close, especially those on the south side of Broadway.

I always found the little store at 3rd and Osage had a respectable number of customers when I went there, and I hope the new location does as well, but I am one of those who wishes they had kept both open, something they may wish later.