This week was an end to the iconic store FAO Schwarz on 5th Avenue in New York. While, I never stepped foot in FAO Schwarz in New York, I did go to the one in Kansas City and Las Vegas, however we probably all have a memory that took place in this amazing toy store.

The memory is that of when Tom Hanks was walking along in the movie 'Big' and landed on a piano and the next thing you know, movie history was made with Robert Loggia. This scene took place at FAO Schwarz and brought a lot of attention to the business and nobody probably played Chopsticks any better. I'm told the scene took a little bit, but I love it.

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, because we all wished to be bigger at one time in our life, I'm sure. However one thing I've learned as a parent is that it's nice to live the childhood over again from time to time, with my kids.




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