The Major League Baseball 2015  All-Star Game is inching closer. With the updated American League ballot coming out today there are now seven Kansas City Royals out of nine positions leading the votes. Some are ecstatic about this, and others are kind of upset. With articles coming out like "Get voting, people! Or it's an all-Royal All-Star Game" from foxsports.com Stephen Mast.

You can look at this story a number of ways.

  • Good for the Royals, and their fans.
  • MLB has to fix their voting rules.
  • The Royals players aren't deserving.
  • etc..

Royals fans are excited about possibly having an all Royal All-Star game with the only two players who are not starting, with in striking distance of making the game. We (yes, I am personally a Royals fan) have to realize the All-Star game decides who gets home field for the World Series! Do we really want to get our whole roster into this mid summer classic, and make it KC vs NL? Or do we want the best players playing, to give us (a world series contender) a chance to host another World Series. Which only happened last year because the AL won the all-star game (which only one Royal started: Salvador Perez.) Not to say most of these guys aren't deserving, but some shouldn't be in the conversation, when they're stacked against other positional players and their stats. Before my fellow Royals faithful close this post think about Alex Rios. Rios who is in 4th place in outfield votes, when he has only played in 13 games, has 12 hits, and 8 RBIs. Rios just passed Baltimore Oriole outfielder Adam Jones who has played in 54 games, has 66 hits, and 30 RBIs.

The All-Star game is for the fans, and voting rules apply for every team in the same way so if you don't like the roster as it is now go out and vote. If you do like the roster as it is now keep voting. Voting closes July 2nd 10:59 Central.


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