Adopt this furry fella for your significant other, you'll score some points, and you'll be helping St. Louis Zoo's harbor seals and all their other friends.

Valentine's Day means always having to come up with something special for that someone in your life. Maybe it's your child. Your wife or girlfriend. Your husband or boyfriend.

Some years you know just what you should get, other years it can be a little bit challenging. For many, stuffed animals are a pretty good gift. Yet this isn't just another stuffed animal to go on the bed to look cute. It's not really the gift at all. The gift is your support of the animals at the St. Louis Zoo.

Adopting one of the St. Louis Zoo's harbor seals for Valentine's Day will receive the plush 12-inch harbor seal pictured above. A personalized adoption certificate. A Valentine's Day greeting card from you. A color photo with animal facts. A car decal. Their name on the Zoo Parents donor wall for a year. As well as an invitation to the Zoo Parents picnic.

That's a pretty cool gift if you ask me. Each adoption comes personally packed, and orders will be mailed out 14-21 days after ordering, so you won't want to wait much longer to order.

The cost of this adoption package is $60 and can be purchased online here. You can also call the zoo and order them at 314-646-4771, option 2, between the hours of 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily. All proceeds will go to the care and feeding of the animals at the St. Louis Zoo. Complete details on this can be found here.

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