Jorge Guevara saw a need for a walk-in medical clinic in Sedalia and after a lot of research (and traveling), Urgent Care and Primary Care was born June 26 at 10 a.m.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

"We are a primary care facility that accepts urgent care, people who need care right now. We like to consider ourselves a health care facility on demand. We are here for when you need us and we can provide the right care, right now," Guevara said.

The privately-owned, American Family Care (AFC) facility, located in the heart of Sedalia at 115 W. Broadway, employs four physicians (one at a time), medical assistants, radiology technician and a medical receptionist.

"It always seemed that people would come to our company (GUESA USA), asking us to open an urgent care, a walk-in clinic. That was actually the number one request. It was bigger than the Hy-Vee and Target requests," Guevara noted.

"We provide care on the simple basis that it's not life-threatening or limb-threatening. If it is, we will stabilize and call an ambulance," he said.

A digital X-ray machine provides on-demand pictures, with a fast turnaround time.

"We are retail medicine, which is where health care services seems to be going. With our low overhead and high demand, we can keep the prices very low for our patients," Guevara said.

"We take most major insurance (such as Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Tri-Care) and also cash (fee for service), which involves a flat fee of $175," he said.

Recruiting physicians was a chore for Guevara.

"It was very hard. I would say (the number of) physicians is at an all-time low and the demand is at an all-time high. So physicians have numerous opportunities to go anywhere in the country and most likely find a job. So we needed to find the right key for the right lock, which means someone who matches our morals, our values and our company's standards and policies. So that made it even harder," Gueavara said.

"We have an incredible team, we found some excellent physicians and so far we have received nothing but good feedback," he said.

"I've been traveling and visiting other clinics to study where to open our urgent care clinic. "I had to fight for Sedalia, I'm not going to lie," Gueavara said. "Our business advisors and consultants came up with some great sites elsewhere, but I really wanted it to be here. So I convinced them."

Guevara added that his facility provides a service for those who don't have a primary care doctor. "We had such a demand from people without primary care, that we had to open it. People have been transferring here from out-of-town doctors, the response has been incredible," he said.

Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday, 8-8, Saturday, 8-6, and Sunday, 8-6. Call (660) 851-2184.

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