Woman startles a thief during the theft of a motor vehicle attempt

At 6:32 Thursday morning (July 4), Sedalia police took a complaint of tampering with a motor vehicle from a female victim in the 2100 block of South Missouri. According to the victim, she heard a loud bang outside her home, and when she looked out the window she saw a white male with a tattoo covering most of his arm in her vehicle. The woman told officers she ran out and banged on the hood of the vehicle startling the thief, who fled the area. Officers found burglary tools the thief left behind, that they state were being used to break the steering column so he could steal the vehicle. The suspect had not been located at the time of the police report.

Change reported stolen from woman’s pickup on east 13th

On Thursday morning (July 4), a female victim in the 1000 block of East 13th reported thefts from her vehicle to the Sedalia police. The victim told officers an unspecified amount of change had been taken from her 1995 Ford Ranger sometime overnight. There was no information on a possible suspect in the police report.

Thieves steal bags of ice from Breaktime Thursday evening

Around 6:30 Thursday evening (July 4), an employee of the Breaktime at 318 west Broadway reported someone took some bags of ice without paying for them.