The University of Akron was just trying to attract new followers, uh, fans, but the NCAA declined their request. Not exactly a national sports powerhouse, Akron intended to use the school's Twitter handle, @ZipsMBB, on the backs of the jerseys of the men's basketball team during their game against Ohio on Saturday, which will be broadcast nationally on ESPNU.

The NCAA said rules prohibited the uniform change. Akron abided and will use the handle only on the team's shooting shirts. The Twitter handle idea was tied into the school's 'Social Media Night,' promotion scheduled for the game. As part of the promotion, hashtags #ZipsGameday and #ThinkBigger will be affixed to the court, and the school said it will hold photo contests via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So, Akron has given thousands of college students advance notice that it will accept pictures and commentary via social media during a rare national TV appearance for the school. This is a disaster waiting to happen. College students and sports fans often hold intelligent, respectful conversations on social media …SAID NO ONE EVER!

And, has the school not heard of the @Boobs phenomenon? Well, someone has @akronboobs ready to go. Go Zips!