Some of you will be familiar with Ameren.  For many of you, that is who you get your electric bill from.  The company just announced that they will be making a very large purchase. 

And if you have any interest in solar power, this may peak your interest.

Ameren Corp. said Monday that its Ameren Missouri unit plans to acquire its largest-ever solar facility. The subsidiary plans to buy a 200-megawatt solar installation in central Missouri, known as the Huck Finn Solar Project, expected to produce enough energy to power about 40,000 homes, according to a press release. The new facility is designed to generate more than 25 times the energy of Missouri's largest current solar facility.  You can read more about this HERE

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For many people, any chance to be a little bit more energy efficient is a good thing.  Solar power certainly could be an option.  Ameren has actually teamed up with Spire to give you an option that might work to help you long term.  Spire and Ameren Missouri are working together to help Missouri customers make energy-efficient upgrades "with little or no upfront costs," a release sent out Tuesday morning said. They said it will also help them lower energy costs.  Check out the video below:

I certainly could see an opportunity to think long term here and anything that could save you money on your energy costs should be something any business and home owner would be interested in.  The new facility "is a step-change for solar generation in Missouri," officials said in the press release.  There could be a lot of jobs that come from this facility too.

Would this interest you? Have anything that runs on solar power? Want to save on your energy costs?  We will see how this all shakes out.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

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