The people of Sedalia are known for their generosity.  It's just something that we were raised with; most of us really like to help our fellow man and it's something we feel is important.  While Sedalia is known for the Missouri State Fair,  The Katy Trail, all of our great restaurants, we're also somewhat surprising under the surface. 

It's one of those things that always surprises friends from out of town when I bring them down here.  People are always, always so shocked to see our large population of immigrants.  They come from all over the world, and they come here.  They come from the Ukraine, China, Korea, Guatemala, England,Mexico, Russia; for such a small town, we really have a diverse population.  And even the people who were born in Sedalia all have a story of the long lineages of their families.

Amigos De Cristo is a group that works with some of that population as well as the rest of Sedalia.  They're working with people every day in all sorts of different ways to help them achieve success and a positive self image.  They're a small group though, and as that works out, they can't necessarily pay anybody to work with all the people who need help.  So they rely on volunteers to get things done.

Laura Frye, an AmeriCorps member of Volunteers In Service To America (or VISTA) for Amigos De Cristo, came in to talk about what you can do to help.

So if you think you can help with anything from tutoring, van monitoring, cub/boy scout leadership, music teaching or anything they might need, you can always reach out. They also do lots of great, fun things to just celebrate the community, so maybe you can join them in that.

The Amigos De Cristo building is at 11th and Thompson.  For more information, you can email or you can call them at 826-2788 and speak to Lyndsey.

Voluntarily yours,