I've taken a picture of myself wearing my "I Voted" sticker several times after coming out of the polling place.  Yet I've never thought of taking what folks call a ballot selfie, a picture of my completed ballot and posting that online. Don't even think of doing that in Missouri.

According to Business Insider posting a ballot selfie in Missouri is illegal. And where I vote in Warrensburg I couldn't picture myself even trying to take a ballot selfie. Both times I went to vote, yes, I felt who I was choosing to vote for was being protected. Yet I felt kind of exposed a little bit. Let me put it this way, I would have looked very conspicuous whipping out my phone and taking a picture of anything.

Why are some states OK with ballot selfies others aren't?  According to Business Insider states may prohibit ballot selfies to prevent voter coercion and protect the privacy of your vote. Another is someone snapping a picture that captures not only the ballot, but someone's personal information. And on a practical level, people snapping selfies can clog up polling places and make the voting process longer for people.

Business Insider says it's rare for states to actually prosecute people for posting photos of their ballots, but they don't recommend doing it because there is always a chance your vote could be challenged or thrown out.

I'm fine with skipping the ballot selfie. While I don't buy that the good ol' days were all that good. I'll say one thing. I long for the days where you didn't discuss politics and religion in polite society. Where you didn't know who your friends, co-workers and neighbors voted for. So yeah, skip the ballot selfie and do something that really can have an impact on election day. Encourage a friend to vote. Give 'em a ride to the poll if they need it.

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