Attorneys for a man who killed four people in a shooting at a Nashville-area Waffle House say Travis Reinking believed the patrons and employees were government agents whom he had been commanded by God to kill.

Reinking was naked except for a green jacket when he opened fire inside the restaurant in April 2018.

Reinking fled, triggering a two-day manhunt, after a restaurant patron wrestled his assault-style rifle away from him.

During opening statements Monday, attorney Luke Evans said Reinking, of Morton Illinois, suffered from severe schizophrenia. Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

Published reports indicate that Travis' father has been accused of supplying the firearm to his son.

According to the Tazewell State’s Attorney’s Office, "Jeffrey Reinking knowingly supplied his son with the Bushmaster AR-15 he used in the April 2018 shooting."

Authorities say Travis Reinking, 29 at the time, was nearly naked, wearing only a green jacket, when he opened fire outside the restaurant in Antioch, Tennessee.

Four people were killed, and four others wounded.

A Waffle House patron reportedly wrestled the rifle away from Reinking, preventing further violence.

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