A child's first birthday is a landmark event. It's one that this kid's parents are turning into an epic production.

A copy of an email the parents of a soon-to-be 1-year-old boy sent to family and friends made its way to Reddit because it excruciatingly details how and what to buy their little bundle of joy.

razz32, Reddit

As you can plainly see, these parents know exactly what they want and make no bones about informing people of the proper way to provide them with the gifts their little sunshine needs/wants most.

Telling other people exactly what to get and then laying out specific instructions does seem a tad (okay, more than a tad) over the top. However, do you think these parents actually have a point? Is it so wrong to clearly explain what your child needs? Ask any parent of a young child and he or she will tell you they have probably received many unnecessary presents or even duplicates. Isn't this just a way to make sure that doesn't happen?

If these parents do make valid points, do you think they went about it in the wrong manner? Perhaps they were a little too cold and demanding and come off as cold and maybe  even ungrateful. What do you think?

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