So we've heard about one of the new concert packages coming this year to our Missouri State Fair Grandstand:  Def Leppard, Styx, and Tesla. 

So that's just one night of what's coming up this year.  That means there's probably maybe seven more nights of music (assuming we'll have a couple of race nights).  It seems like a long way away to August, but it'll be here one way or another. I guess it's just fun to think about what COULD be.

And, it's cold.  I don't know about you, but I'd like to think about warmer times to come instead of looking at all that white stuff out there.  So let's go a little nuts and reach for the stars! I know we've asked you this before, but it can't hurt to see what you think today.  After all, times change, and so do opinions.

That's why I'm reaching out now to ask you about what you want to see in this year's Pepsi Grandstand lineup.  What acts would you like to see come to the mainstage this year?   Tell me what you think and we'll share your answers on the air while you get points to win prizes.

Concertly yours,