Whenever boyfriendo's daughters are hanging out for a weekend, they love to play games with us.  Sometimes it's just a card game, sometimes it's a video game, or it can be a board game. This past weekend they ended up playing a crazy hard looking board game called Talisman. 

I was working when they started the game, so I kind of had the chance to gracefully opt out - not having to admit that it looked complicated enough to hurt my brain permanently. It got me to thinking about the games that I played when I was their age (ten years old).  I wasn't playing anything that involved - I was playing Clue and Monopoly, the kid version of Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, stuff like that.  I did try to play checkers sometimes, but my Dad is the master of that - you will Never beat him at checkers.  My Mom was the same way with the card game Gin Rummy, you could just Never beat her.  I'm that way with Boyfriendo when we play the game You Don't Know Jack... poor guy wins maybe once every ten times we play.   So anyway, it got me to thinking about board games and how much we play them, and I wanted to know which board games are your favorites.  Is it a traditional board game, or maybe a card game?  Tell me which one you like best and if you feel like it, tell me why - and I'll share your answers on the air.

Gamely yours,

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