Sometimes I know some of us will be clicking along on our social media accounts, and you'll see one of those Inspirational Quotes. It used to be a thing where there were those motivational posters, remember those?


I know that sometimes we hear something snappy and it's just amazing. Sometimes, we have to shake our heads and move on.


But I'm sure we've all heard or read a quote from time to time, either in an educational setting, a movie, a book - maybe it was something a family member said to us. Either way, it sticks with you. I know I have a couple favorites.

Comedy is the last refuge of the non conformist mind.- Gilbert Seldes


If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice. - Conan O Brien

I guess we all like different ones for different reason.  Maybe it was funny, or smart, or maybe it was just accurate about something in your life.  Maybe it was from a book, a play, a movie, a TV show... anything really.   Where ever it came from, I'm sure all of us have had that one that stuck with us over the years. So what about you? What are some of your favorite quotes? Tell me about em and we'll share them on the air - who knows, you might get a new favorite!

Quotingly yours,


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