Mother's Day is a big deal.  Everybody has a mom, and everybody knows that you owe her big.  Well, at least I know that I do.

That's my mom with my older sister, Kelly. On the bottom of the Polaroid the date says December 11, 1976.  I wasn't even born yet.  So, my mom was all of maybe 20 years old when  this was taken.

My mom was a great lady, she died a few years back from a long  fight with ovarian, lung, and finally brain cancer. It was tough the last couple of years in with her every day (I took care of her - medications, food, appointments, hygiene, etc etc) but it was totally worth every second because she was amazing. She was funny, she was smart, and she had a sass like nobody. She loved fresh veggies, baseball and kids. Every year for Mother's Day I tried to do something interesting or fun, but sometimes I did just cop out and give a card.

One gift that I gave that she said was one of her favorites was a very simple, inexpensive one. During my sophomore year of college, I went away to England for a year on the foreign exchange program. Mom was not a big fan of this idea, since she didn't want to be far away from me "in case something happened."  Well, I wanted to prove to her that I was okay and doing fine, so I went in a photo booth (this was the days before cell phones, not everyone had a camera on them at all times) and took a few silly shots of myself.  I put them in a sheep themed frame that said "I Love Ewe" and sent it off.  She loved it, and kept it displayed in a good spot in the living room.

Since Mother's Day is coming up, and some of you might not have an idea of what to get, and some of you might have something you want to get, I thought I'd ask: what's the best gift you've given for Mother's Day?  Or, if you're a Mom, what's the best gift you've ever gotten for Mother's Day?  Let me know here, in our survey, or on our Facebook, and we'll share the answers on the air.

Motherly yours,