Every day I rack my brain to try to think of things for you and I to talk about.  I see what I do on the air as a way of conversing with you - but most of the time it's just me talking.  So with our surveys, I ask, and you answer. Here's a look back at some of your answers for our questions - I couldn't possibly go through them all, but here's some of the ones that stood out.  On Monday I asked you about your Christmas tree. Do you have a real or fake tree - and why did you choose that one?

The vast majority of you were in the Artificial Camp.

We have an artificial tree for safety and convinence and economical purposes. Though do miss the smell of a real tree.


fake, because i don,t have to make sure it has water in it all the time


fake tree dont want to take a chance to catch on fire

But, there were some of you who keep things the old fashioned way.

We put up a real tree every year. We chose to use a real tree simply because you don't have to store it and you don't have to go to all the trouble of shaping it because it's been shoved back into a box year after year. Besides the real trees smell wonderful!

We have a fake tree. We used to get a real one every year when I was young, but then sometime in the nineties my parents switched to a fake tree. And now, I use that same tree! So I guess it's a new tradition?

On Tuesday, I asked you guys about your favorite Christmas movies. Some of you preferred the older classics...


While some of you were fond of the more modern classics.

you can't beat "a christmas story".... fa ra ra ra ra...

But either way, the memories made by these holiday films can't be beat.

As a child I recall we often tuned into the Irving Berlins movie White Christmas was pretty tradation. Though in my adultl years found Holiday Inn which I think it introduce the song "White Christmas". So I look forward to see if any of the television stations will be showing Holiday Inn.


I remember watching that one back when I was in college. It's a fun movie with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Lots of great singing and dancing, naturally!


Oh, Charlie Brown. Everybody loves him. It's like there are some characters like Charlie Brown or Kermit the Frog that you will always love, no matter how old or cynical you get! Personally, I've always loved Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas.  I don't know what it is, but when I was a kid, I watched the HECK out of that one.

Then on Wednesday, I asked about some of your Christmas gift giving that's done for the non human members of your family. Do you get your pets Christmas presents?


Well that's good, at least they will look and smell nice for the Christmas get together!

Yes, and they are in bags under the tree!

This question was another one of those astounding surveys where everyone seemed to be in agreement. In fact, of all the answers I got, I only got one "No". So I guess that settles it - PRESENTS FOR KITTIES!

Then, on Thursday, I asked about some of your favorite Christmas treats and desserts!

Popcorn Balls




Rice Krispie Treats




peanut brittle

sugar cookies with only little frosting and chex mix

Excuse me. I have to go eat all the food now.

Anyway, that's it for this week's Enquiring Minds. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones next week, so come back and take some more surveys. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!
Curiously yours,

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