You guys, I love giving away prizes. It's part of what makes my job awesome. There's nothing like hearing someone excited to win, or seeing their face when they pick up a prize. But sometimes, you'll give someone a prize and, well... they don't like it.Maybe it's because they were looking for concert tickets, or they don't want to drive out of the city, or maybe they just really don't want what you've got.  That's why I think it's so great that we do this loyalty program thing - so YOU can pick the prize that you want.  Nobody's disappointed, everyone wins.  That's part of why I like to ask you these Enquiring Minds surveys, so you can get some more points. Let's take a look back at some of your answers! On Monday, I asked you guys about your showering habits.  Do you shower or bathe every day? Does your routine change based on the weather?

Once a day. It does not depend on the time of year...just what I do that day. Sometimes I might shower twice a day.

So at least nobody can say you're not hygienic.

At least once a day usually before reporting to work. Sometimes if I am not working might not take one. Then during the hotter months could be more than once depending upon if I have been doing something that worked up a sweat.

See, I'll definitely shower more than once a day in the summer if I've been outside all day. Nothing beats a cool shower on a hot day.

During the coldest days of the year, I'll bathe every other day. During the hottest days of the year, I'll bathe several times a day.

This is what I'm like. If I don't have to go anywhere, or if I've been pretty lazy, I'll skip it. I don't have a big stinkiness problem.

I shower every day. Eeeww who wouldn't.

I ONLY SKIP IT WHEN IT'S COLD, I SWEAR. If I'm not sweaty, it's not like I'm stinky! Promise.

On Tuesday, I switched gears and asked you guys about this winter weather we've been having. We had a little bit of snow this weekend, and it seemed like a lot of us were expecting more than we got. So were you ready for the winter this year?

No. I'm never ready. I changed the filter in my furnace, and thats about it.

I've done that, too. But we also did some stuff to our windows. We found this putty type of string stuff that you can put in your window cracks to keep the draft out. It works pretty well!

Heck, no! In fact, I'm headed to Florida in December for a week. I was at Wal Mart on Saturday along with probably the rest of Sedalia, stocking up for the big snow that didn't happen.

Lucky! I didn't go out to Wally World, I went out to Lowe's instead, but I get the gist.

I was not ready for winter. I'm preparing quickly now though. Putting plastic over Windows and anti freeze in the autos.

We did that, too! We only did it on one window in the living room, though. Mostly our house is pretty good at staying warm. It's just keeping those costs down that gets me.

On Wednesday, I talked about how Boyfriendo and I are going to be having our Thanksgiving dinner early this year.  His daughters won't be here for Thanksgiving proper, so we're going to have ours this weekend.   So since I'm thinking about that meal, I asked you guys what dishes you love best at Thanksgiving.


We were coming up with our list of stuff we wanted to get, and we nearly forgot stuffing! Can you believe it? That's crazy times.

Mashed potatoes with turkey gravy.

That's one of those crazy awesome things you can take for granted. You need them 'taters.


I've never been a big fan of cranberries. I guess they're too sour for me?

Pumpkin bars

See, this is new to me! I didn't know these were a thing, but they sound delicious!

Then on Thursday, we were talking about how Chris Hemsworth was named People's "Sexiest Man Alive". You know, Thor.


So I wanted to ask you guys which celebrities you thought were cute!

that thor and captain america can darken my door anytime

See, I thought "darken your door" was a bad thing. Maybe I'm learning something new!

Katy Perry definitely has some big, beautiful.....eyes.

Yep. It was the eyes that got her kicked off Sesame Street. That's the ticket.

Sam Hunt is a doll, he's so yummy...but unfortunatly looks a little too much like my ex.

Brantley gilbert and joseph gordan levitt both yummy as well

Geez, you must have really cute exes!

Sean Connery is number one (even at his age he is just plain sexy--and that voice!)!!! Chris is a nice runner up!

Other names that came up included Hunter Hayes, Jaclyn Smith, Barbara Eden, Marc Consuelos, Clint Walker and Tom Brady. Those are just a few, that is!

Anyway, that's it for this week's Enquiring Minds. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones when I come back from vacation on December 8. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!

Curiously yours,