I'm always looking for excuses to get a survey on the website - so you can get more points. I see what I do on the air as a way of conversing with you - but most of the time it's just me talking. So with our surveys, I ask, and you answer. Here's a look back at some of your answers for our questions - I couldn't possibly go through them all, but here's some of the ones that stood out.

On Monday I asked you about your cell phone. When do you turn your cell phone on in the morning? Do you check it in the bathroom? Before you even get out of bed?

I never turn my phone off unless I'm somewhere where it is inappropriate (church, funeral, etc.) I usually look at it first thing when I get up before I even start my day.

I don't really turn mine off either, unless I'm the movies or at someplace solemn, like you said. But I use mine for an alarm clock, so I have to see mine first thing.

My cell phone is on 24/7. I leave it on overnight especially if I would get a 911 call related to family. I try not too take it to the bathroom. I can be clutsy at times and knowing my luck can see it being dropped in the toilet.

That would totally happen to me, especially if I had a fancy, expensive phone.

When i pour my first cup of coffee. No i never check it in the bathroom. I dont keep my cell phone in my bedroom. I put it on the charger in the livingroom before i go to bed.

Maybe I should do that, so nobody wakes me up!

On Tuesday, I asked you about three day weekends. What’s the better day to have off for a three-day weekend – Friday or Monday? What are the pros and cons of each day?

friday cuz its the best day to do everything, pros of friday is its just the start of the weekend con of monday is u have to go back to work the next day

There's a point, Friday does have more going on.

If it is during the Summer thinking Friday would be good so can get out on the lake before the crowd. Though if it was Monday during the Summer the crowd is gone by then and the lake is normally quiet then.

See, you're very practical, aren't you. But then, does any of us like fighting the crowd? Really, though, we Are the crowd, so it's strange to fight through ourselves.

The only con of a three day weekend is the evening of the third day, knowing you have to go back to work in the a.m.!

Yeah, back when I had a job I hated, it was always the Sunday Afternoon Dread that ruined things for me. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of Sunday!

Friday is better for sure. Theres more to do on a friday nite then a monday night. And if you get a little wild you have the weekend to recoop.

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about the junk you or your significant other keeps in the house. Is there something your partner keeps that you desperately want him/her to throw out? Do you fight about it? Have you tried to throw it out without anyone noticing? Did you get caught? Why does your partner insist on keeping it? Has it actually serious trouble in your relationship?

My husbands pony tail from when his hair was long. Wouldn't throw it away the dog drug it out side he put it in a bag and still kept it. Going through our divorce he finally threw the thing away.

Not gonna lie, that's a little gross. I've seen dudes keep their hair, and never understood it.

When I start cleaning, if I find something that is in the back of a closet, I don't say a word, I just throw it out, because they haven't seen it in year, they'll never miss it. HA!

You probably have a good point there. Isn't that some rule of thumb in your closet - if you haven't worn something in a year, get rid of it?

my partner is a clean freak. More so then me. Im sure that i have things that he would like to see me box up.

I'm not sure which of us in MY relationship is the clean freak. I bet it's me.

On Thursday, I asked you guys about rejection. In fact, I wanted to spark a debate on which is worse: getting dumped or getting fired?

Getting dumped, definitely.

Getting fired! You don't get a paycheck from a boyfriend!

Well, that was pretty much how it went for all of your votes. We were pretty divided, fifty fifty. SHALL WE NEVER KNOW THE ANSWER?!

Anyway, that's it for this week's Enquiring Minds. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones next week, so come back and take some more surveys. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!
Curiously yours,

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