The Missouri State Highway Patrol said Monday night that the bodies of a missing man and his two young children were found in rural Benton County.

"We are saddened to report the identity of the bodies located in rural Benton County have been identified as: Kaiden Peak, 4 years old; Mayson Peak, 3 years old; and Darrell Peak, 40 years old," according to a Tweet sent out by Troop A around 8 p.m. Monday night.

The Patrol said the bodies were found at U.S. 65 near Route T, north of Warsaw, inside a small structure, in an apparent murder-suicide.

Linemen working on nearby power lines found the bodies around 4:20 p.m. on Monday.

The bodies were located in an tiny, abandoned shack near where the three males were last seen in Benton County north of Warsaw.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office, issued an endangered persons advisory for Peak and his sons on Feb. 26. They said Peak suffered from depression and had made suicidal statements in the past.

Detectives made several attempts to have an Amber Alert issued but were told the case did not meet the strict criteria.


Green County issued a press release Monday night announcing the discovery of the bodies:

“It is with much sadness that the Greene County Sheriff’s Office announces a very tragic ending to the Missing Person’s investigation involving Darrell, Mayson and Kaiden Peak. This evening, the three were discovered deceased in Benton County, not far from where they were last observed and contacted by law enforcement in the Warsaw area, 16 hours prior to the missing persons report with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

A brief timeline of events for clarity:
• February 25 at approximately 4:00pm - Last seen near the family home in Greene County as Darrell drove away with the children, armed with the pistol he was known to regularly carry.
• February 25 at approximately 5:30pm - Contacted by a MSHP Trooper in Benton County who stopped to check on their disabled vehicle. Darrell refused assistance.
• February 25 at approximately 5:52pm - Benton County Deputy observed a man and two children walking along Highway 65. When she turned around to make contact, she was unable to locate them again and presumed they disappeared into a wooded area.
• February 25 at approximately 7:00pm - MSHP dispatched a Trooper to the area to check on a man walking along the highway with two children. The Trooper was unable to locate them when he arrived.
• February 26 at approximately 10:30am - Family members contacted the Greene County Sheriff’s Office to file a missing persons report. Family reported that Darrell had a history of depression however insisted that he would never harm his children.
• February 26 at approximately 12:58pm - Statewide BOLO alert sent out for the three missing persons.
• February 26 at approximately 1:01pm - Missing Persons information entered into the system.
• February 26 at approximately 1:24pm - Upon learning of the missing person investigation, MSHP Troopers and Benton County Deputies responded and searched the areas where Darrell, Mayson and Kaiden were repeatedly observed during the evening of February 25th.
• March 1 - The bodies of all three missing persons were found together inside a structure.

Greene County Detectives have worked around the clock since the report was made attempting to locate Darrell Peak and his children. Dozens of leads were generated and despite the family’s belief that Darrell would not harm his children, on February 28th. Detectives decided to pursue criminal charges for the arrest of Darrell, hoping that this would generate additional tips and leads.

For additional information, please contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol who are conducting the death investigation in the Warsaw area.”


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