A new addition to Boonslick Regional Library's online services allows library members to download comic books.

"We have online comic books," said Jackie Oliphant. "that's a new addition to that feature. We've got magazines, and downloadable books, and now we also have comic books." Oliphant says that library users can download comic books to their digital devices, or read them on the library's website. "To download the comic books, they do need to set up an account. They'll have to set up a login with a username and password." Library cards are also required.

Boonslick Regional Library is the free library for Pettis County residents who live outside the city limits of Sedalia. To get a library card, Pettis County residents must present a photo ID in addition to a current bill or piece of mail to verify addresses. Sedalia residents may get a library card, but must pay a $25 annual fee.

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