National Boys and Girls Club Week is March 27-March 31. Locally, the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri will be celebrating the week with a talent show on March 30.

"Our kids have been having individual talent shows at all of their club sites, and now they're going to have an overall, big talent show to show off their awesome skills," said Emily Jarrett, communications director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri. "It will be at Skyline. We're going to have some Bandana's BBQ, a few little activities, just a really fun, family friendly night. It is free, open to the public, we have meals for about 150, so that's first come, first serve. We would love to invite all of our supporters out, families, friends, it's not just for the kids, it's for the whole community."

Jarrett says a panel of judges will be awarding prizes to the Boys and Girls Club members that participate in the talent show. Doors will open for the show at 5:30.

The Boys and Girls Club engages students in hands-on learning programs through a variety of activities, including after school programs and community service projects.  "In 2016, we saw over 2,000 kids at all of our club sites," said Jarrett. "That's about 625 a day." There are eleven Boys and Girls Club sites in six west-central Missouri communities.

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