This month's Unsung Hero is a person who works quite closely with kids in our area. Our Unsung Hero is Vicki Hart! She works closely with the Boys and Girls club, and has worked with them for fifteen years after she worked with Head Start.

Her nominator, Debbie Fowler, had this to say about Vickie:

Vickie has been a mentor to many children and young adults in Sedalia and Pettis County, she is a former head start teacher. She is currently on the staff at the Boys and Girls club.  Vickie is an advocate to the literacy program. She gives up her own time to distribute books to area children.

Vicki works at one of several different sites for the Boys and Girls Club as a Site Director for Skyline for B&GC.  While Vickie doesn't have a ton of spare time on her hands, she does like to have fun with her friends and family. She loves to read and "go junkin".  You know what is, where you go from estate sales to yard sales and garage sales and just find all sorts of new, fun stuff to bring home - whether the Husband thinks she needs it or not.

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Vickie is a mentor and has been working with a young man for several years, and she loves her work.  She loves to see the kids grow up and get all the tools they need to become better readers. She would encourage everyone to volunteer and become a mentor to young kids in our area - she is so proud of her fourth grader. They're buddies, and will be "for the rest of our lives". Randy got to talk to Vicki about everything she does and hopes to do in the future. Check it out below!


If you have someone you'd like to nominate to be our next Unsung Hero, you can find the form here.


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