Have any of you ever ridden a 4-wheeler? An ATV? Dirt bike?

Well I have something that may put a smile on your face.  I will get to it shortly.  There are large areas of Missouri where you can explore the outdoors.  Ride around large farms, parks, and trails.  If any of that interests you, then you should be excited for what will be coming in 2023 to the Branson area.

TexPlex, an outdoor adventure park in Texas, is building an off-roading park six miles south of Hollister. They are building a 1500-acre park with around 15-20 trails for bikers, four-wheelers, and jeep drivers to ride on. The park sits off of Highway JJ.  The main trail will take drivers 3 and-a-half hours to ride through. There will be other trails that connect to the main one.  To read a bit more about this you can click HERE to read what contractor Jason Shaw had to say about it.

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According to the TexPlex Facebook page which you can see HERE, it is described as an event venue and Off-Road Park for Moto & UTV, Off Road Thrill Ride. Great venue for product launches, companies events, and private events like weddings, charity dinners, corporate functions, and other receptions.  You can see one of the videos below.

You can check out their website HERE and learn a bit more about what you can expect when the park which is tentatively planned to open and be ready in January 2023.  Families will be able to rent some UTVs or Jeeps. Shaw said there will also be overnight camping for families who are interested. Sounds like a lot of fun.  Hope all goes well and this will be something to look forward to in 2023.

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