Ever since Blockbuster Video closed its doors, there have been several rumors as to what would go into that location. During your morning commute or lunch hour today (April 1), you may have seen a sign on the Pace Properties Sale sign that read, "Buffalo Wild Wings: Fall 2014."

It appears this is a continuation of an April Fools' Day prank. One year there was a sign of Red Lobster coming and it too created quite the buzz. The Buffalo Wild Wings sign was pulled down later in the afternoon.

I did reach out to Buffalo Wild Wings to comment on the possibility of a Sedalia location and guest relations said as of right now there are no plans to open a Buffalo Wild Wing Store in town.

Whoever did the prank, may be following in line with some of the suggestions that Kaleb Filis pointed out might be good ideas for this location.

I, for one, would love to see Buffalo Wild Wings come to Sedalia, but I was not the one who pulled the April Fool's Prank.