The Blockbuster Store in Sedalia announced via Facebook that they would be closing their doors on Oct. 25, 2013. Last weekend was the final weekend that you could rent from Blockbuster Video. Although many of the Blockbuster Stores were closing nationwide in the last few years, the one in Sedalia had stayed open. Blockbuster Video is the last video chain to remain open in Sedalia.

Sedalia used to to have two Movie Gallery stores, two Scotten's Video stores and Blockbuster Video. When Movie Gallery closed down and Scotten's went out of business, Blockbuster became the only game in town. However, RedBox set up shop at various Dollar General Stores and Walmart.

Ever since the sign went up in front of Blockbuster Video for Pace Properties, there have been rumors that the end of Blockbuster in Sedalia was coming, but the employees kept on doing business. It appeared that while the competition with On-Demand, Netflix and other rental business was tough, they kept hope that the store would stay around.

Sept. 8 was the final day for renting movies. They will be closed on Monday, Sept. 9 and Tuesday, Sept. 10 to reset the store for liquidation. They will remain open until Oct. 25.

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