I hope many of you are participating in our Light Up West Central Missouri contest. 

You are being encouraged to decorate your home or business, submit your photo on the KIX 105.7 app and you may win $500.  Perhaps if you are lucky, you can add some "Busch Lights" for your bushes around your house? Yes, I am serious.

Now some of you may think this is a stupid or ridiculous idea.  Some of you may think this is genius.  A play on words...that is certain.  The makers of Busch Light are giving away "BUSH lights" for the holidays.

Yes, Christmas lights that are shaped just like beer cans.  I believe every one of us has a family member who would put these to use every Christmas.  I know a few uncles of mine that certainly would.

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You are supposed to place them on your bushes around your home.  Each set has 150 flashing beer cans.  Here is the bonus part.  There will be a speaker that plays Busch Light's old jingle from the 1980's.  Anyone remember "Head for the Mountains"?

The company claims that each set has a value of $150.  Here is the kicker, you cannot buy them.  You have to win them.  Only 14 sets will be given out.  So you will have to use your social media skills.

So follow them on their social media.  Their Twitter handle is above and Instagram and Facebook are the same.  Think of a creative way to explain to them why you deserve to win them.  Include the hashtag #Sweepstakes and #LettersToStLouis.  Or go 'old school' and write them a letter and send it to their headquarters. You can click HERE for more info.  Good Luck!

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