Many of us have heard the phrase, "Age Is Just A Number".  Well, is it?   Let's discuss.

A recent poll of people 65 and older, found out the average person stops caring about their age when they turn 43.  Now for the record, I am older than 43.  I do not feel my age, but I also realize there are certain things that I can not do as well, as I did when I was younger and in better shape.

My mother recently turned 78.  She is in far better shape than I am.  She eats healthier, and is a bit more active.  Credit to her.  My grandmother lived into her 90's.  I have some physical limitations that make it a bit more difficult to try and stay healthier.  But I am working on it.  Baby steps.

Back to the survey.  People 65 and older were questioned, and 72% said they felt younger than their age.  And almost half of them said they feel younger than 50.  Not sure I totally believe this, but for the sake of the survey I will assume that people answered honestly.

Getting older isn't all bad.  We assume, we get a little wiser, and some of the things that annoyed us when we were younger, don't bother us as much.  You can certainly look forward to having more free time when you get older.  Retirement, more time with grandkids or nieces and nephews.  You can speak you mind more.

So once again I ask, "Is Age Really Just A Number?" Well I look younger than my age, (perks of having a shaved head), and in the grand scheme of things, I try not to let the little things in life get me down.  Just take each day, and try and make the best of it.  Will there be certain things you will no longer be able to do as you get older, sure.  That is OK.  Take a bit more time, to value what you have, and enjoy what you have.  Be it friends, family, your job, whatever.  Embrace your age, and look at it as a blessing and not a curse to get older.  Father Time is undefeated, so don't fight it.  :)

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