A 65-year-old Carrollton woman has been sentenced to two years and six months in federal prison without parole, and ordered to pay over a quarter-million dollars in restitution after being convicted of two counts of bank fraud.

Carol Joyce Noble was accused of defrauding Central Trust Bank in Jefferson City, as part of a scheme to obtain a fraudulent loan in order to purchase a convenience store in Stover, Mo.

Noble was found guilty at trial in March.

"As part of the scheme, Noble caused the fraudulent appraisal of her Gravois Mills, Mo., residential property in order to obtain the loan," said the United States Attorney's Office in a news release. "Noble changed the physical address of the residence to an adjacent residence by altering the last digit of the house number, unbeknownst to the neighbor. Noble met the appraiser at her neighbor’s home and misrepresented to the appraiser that it was her own. The appraiser then appraised the wrong home at a value $100,000 higher than the true value of Noble’s property...According to court documents, the loan closed and the money was issued, but the business quickly failed."

Authorities say the bank, Noble’s business partners, and the appraisal company and its insurance company lost substantial amounts of money as a result of the scheme.

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